ho alternator

  1. Aleks15Civic

    Do I need additional batteries if I got a 320amp HO alternator to power 5000w?

    I'm about to run some serious upgrades. Planning on pushing 5000w RMS. I just ordered a Singer 320amp alternator. I currently have 2 xs power XP950 batteries. Assuming: My engine will be always running. I will only push past 1000 watts when demoing. Never for longer than a single song. Well...
  2. FadedSpy

    Looking For Some Help...Just Starting Out...HO Alternator?? Battery?? Batteries???

    Hey there everyone! I just stumbled across this website while I was trying to find answers to a few of my questions and have been browsing through some of the threads trying to find answers. I've learned quite a bit in the last few days but figured maybe if I just posted some questions that I...
  3. G

    voltage drop/lights dimming issue with bad grounds?

    hello guys. im really stumped on how to fix this light dimming/voltage drop i get from my truck. its a 2000 chevy silverado 1500 with the 5.3l v8. i only have 4 10 in p1s which is only 600 watts rms. i have two RF 201s amps for the subs and one RF prime r150-2 for the front door speakers. ive...
  4. T

    Mr. Alternator.com alternators?

    has anyone every ordered a high output alternator from mralternator.com?