hifonics brutus amp

  1. S

    My amp stop playing but everything looks good?

    Not sure if my rca input fried because i checked the outputs to the sub and it only gets the signal doesnt play loudly plays the same on both so what can it be?
  2. R

    Battery question

    Is it a good idea to isolate a Kinetik HC600 to dedicate it to my car audio? I've been reading up on Kinetik's website and they all say on the FAQ's that the HC600 and HC800 should be supplemental power and no isolator is needed and it would defeat the purpose of supplemental power. Would it be...
  3. P

    Hifonics Titan Txi4006

    I just recently traded my Autotek ATX950.4 for this hifonics The guy is ma neighbor The main problem of this amplifier is tht when ur a listening to it it gets no sound at low volume and when u start turning the volume up it berely sounds and kinda hits bass but then it goes into protect mode...
  4. T

    Will my setup work?!? HELP

    I have just recently bought: 1x Alpine type x 12" woofer 1x hifonics brutus 1700.d The alpine max wattage is 1000 watt RMS and the hifonics amp wattage is 600 watt RMS running at 4 ohms. I'm just wondering if running this amp and sub at 4 ohm would work? I bought these items yesterday and i...
  5. F

    Which brutus amp should i get

    I have 2 12 inch kicker l7 dual 4ohm. Im planning on getting a hifonics brutus amp for them but dont know which one would be best and at what ohm should i load them on. Also are the brutus elite amps cea aproved because i havnt seen anywhere where it says they are?
  6. Why So Cereal?

    2 JL 13.5s vs 6 JL 8's

    Ok so I need new subs since my FI Q 18" blew up on me and i dont really feel like reconing it. (btw its for sale pm me). I want a JL audio sub setup now. So I am looking into some w7 8's (however many can fit across, guessing 4-6) or 2 jl w3 13.5s or 2 JL w6 13.5s. Either setup will be ported...
  7. T

    2 Hifonics Brutus 2400.1D amps?

    What electrical upgrades do i need to run 2 of theses amps. 2400 watts @ 1 ohm. what size alternator and what size batteries do i need? i need to be able to run 14.4 volts to each amp.
  8. f1mclarenagr

    Hifonics Brutus BRZ 1700.1D

    Item(s) for Sale: Hifonics Brutus BRZ 1700.1D Item(s) Description/Condition: Perfectly Mint Condition. 10/10 functionally 10/10 cosmetically - Some paint missing where screws go. However when you screw it down, the new screws will cover this up. Was used for about four months to power two...