help subs amp system

  1. L

    Monoblock Amp Issues. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Hello there, I am in desperate need of any answers that may help! First of all, I have had an audio system completely installed for over 2 years now. I have not changed, tinkered or mucked around with anything to disturb operations. I have a SoundStream Rubicon 2500D Amp that runs (3)...
  2. A

    which type R to use

    I am new to this. please help i have a couple different setups to choose fromj at my disposal. I am driving a 2007 dodge magnum which has a hatch back. i am debating on using 2 alpine type R 4th generation 12s in a ported box or 2 alpine type R 5th generation 10s in a ported box. both are dual 4...
  3. lechuga.adam

    Aaaaahh!! Why?!?!?

    WTF! Got off of work spent all evening workin on my system, ran my power, remote wire, ground and loc! Get really excited hook my battery back up... and no power to the amp!!!!! anyone have an idea where to start? im at the end of my rope! lol
  4. lgnbarnard

    Need help finding subs please, I'm new to car audio

    Hey, so I'm new to car audio and I just want to know what will sound best and fit properly for under 900 dollars. I have a chevy silverado 1500 crew cab, '07. It has light tan interior and leather seats. Looking nice isn't too much of a priority, but I don't want it to look bad. I don't know...