head units

  1. L

    Head unit floating radio info

    I have a 06 grand Marquis. Looking at either Kenwood or Sony Apple play. Is it worth have a floating monitor? Pros and cons?
  2. Afan64

    Any Android app to do this?

    Is there a app that simulates Bluetooth audio, so you can put any name/words in it, and it will show up on the Car Radio? e.g. When you connect your phone to your car and play music, it shows the file name, song name, song artist and album cover. If you find a .mp3 without the info, just the...
  3. Bass so loud it HZ

    Pioneer dmh-160bt vs kenwood dmx125bt

    So i won both of these head units in a raffle for very cheap. Im running a cheaper single din kenwood with 2.5 v preouts right now. I decided im switching to a double din mainly for the back up camera (Bpillar Wall) and the ability to get a more in debth EQ . Both just have 2v per outs. The...
  4. J

    Help buying a receiver...

    Hello, So I have absolutely no clue about what to look for in head units! I am pretty lost. All I know is that the previous owner, to my 2008 Ford Edge, installed a Sony Explode. The buttons are so small, the unit is now further from the driver's seat and I'm straining to get close enough every...
  5. M

    head unit suggestions

    I need suggestions for an hu with the following: -rca or high level out(rca is preferred). high-low converters are cheap, but hu's will distort when the high level, if it has one, is near full volume. I like to just yank the knob up to full, but with distrotion I'd have to set my amps at a...
  6. X

    What is this port?

    Can the port next to the fuse be used to connect to an iPod some way? Also what is it called?
  7. S

    Looking for a good head unit at affordable price????

    If You are looking for an amazing head unit at an affordable price then you found it. We are offering the Alpine IVE W530BT For only $349.99 plus shipping. You will be getting brand new unit with one year warranty. Will only be selling 20 units at this price than you!!!
  8. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  9. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  10. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  11. JVC Road to stirgis

    JVC Road to stirgis

  12. Sketchup

    What to get? ($100-$350)

    not sure what head unit to get. I would spend up to $350 on a head unit.
  13. B

    Switching Head Units

    Currently I have a Pioneer DEH-P3700MP head unit in my truck, it doesn't have a 3.5 mm aux or a usb port though and i would like to upgrade. If I get another Pioneer Head unit is all I have to do is take out the old one unplug the wiring and plug it into the new one or do I have to rewire it for...
  14. H

    Newbie ready to jump-need tall building-quality and more quality!

    [bNeed help on quality of head units. I am trying to wade through the hundreds of car radios on the web to find: Double din, hd (not hd ready) large and simple display, aux and usb ports on front of unit.   My search has led to JVC, Clarion, Pioneer and Kenwood head units. Alpine does not...
  15. F

    A Few Questions About Car Audio USB/MP3

    My Equipment AVH-P4000 DVD Seagate 250gb HD ZUNE 16HD I have my portable hard drive connected via USB to my head unit and it works fine....for audio. Question #1 - Is video playback allowed through USB? I know that you can connect a zune into a HU's AV connections. Question #2 - Is there...