gain settings

  1. V

    Help with gain setting with line output converter

    Ok so I know that this has been asked a thousand times but I still don't understand. I drive a honda civic with stock radio. I have both the line output converter and the amplifier at max gain setting and I feel like the sub can still be pushed farther. I know its bad to push them to max but...
  2. S

    Looking to get a sharper sounding bass

    Hi guys, I'm new to the car audio world so I'm not to familiar with all the terms and functions. I basically wanted better sounding bass for my car so I recently got a subwoofer and amplifier from my local car audio shop. I got the Alpine MRV-M500 (amp) and one 10 inch Alpine S-W10D2 (sub)...
  3. Cuznfkr

    Full gain?

    I have a Skar rp1500.1 and it’s on 4 jl 10w1v2s , they’re asking for ~ 250w rms each. I tuned the amp the old fashioned way because I don’t have all the fancy doo dads. My amp is at almost full gain , it is at about 94% gain. Is this ok? Will the amp clip at such a high level?
  4. S

    Boss Audio R3400D setting gain level

    I have a Boss Audio R3400D and I have it hooked in parallel to two 4ohm subwoofers. What should I set the gain to?
  5. A

    Noob question. Need help.

    I have a Hifonics BXi 1606D with 2 12" Alpine Type-rs. There are 5 knobs (level, phase, low pass, bass eq, sub sonic) to mess with and I have no idea what to do, well sorta. I looked around and apparently I'm suppose to "Set my volume 3/4s on my headunit" and then mess with, which i guessed...