1. D

    What fuse for amps power cable?

    Hello guys, I bought today a 4 channel TRF M600.4AB amplifier and dont know what fuse to use for power cable. On the internet i have read that because my amp has 2 fuses 40 amps each, i have to use a 80 ampere fuse. But my amps manual says that i need to use a 40 ampere fuse. What is the right ?
  2. H

    Radio fuse blows instantly

    I have a 2015 malibu I installed kicker speakers and amp now my touch screen doesn't work and radio fuse blows instantly I have triple checked all my wires no shorts to be found is it possible I blew the radio ?
  3. W

    Newbie with dumb questions

    I am attempting to wire an amp and a CB in my Polaris RZR4. I want to us a fues block so that I can down the road add lights and other accessories. Both units already have a built in fuse in the positive lead. My question is: is there any draw back to using two in line fuse in one circuit...
  4. adulbrich

    Cheap 300 amp anl fuses anywhere?

    Looking to buy ten 300 amp fuses, and want them to get here before next Friday, so I can get started on my install. I haven't been able to find a cheap lot of 10 anywhere that will get here quickly. I don't mind paying express shipping, but I think around $25-$35 is the max I'd pay. If anyone...
  5. Z

    A Few Wiring Questions (Fused Distro Block, Fuses, Etc.)

    Hey guys I have a few questions about the wiring I'm going to be doing for my sound system. BIG 3 UPGRADE First of all I'm doing the "Big 3 Upgrade" with 0-gauge wire. I'll be using wire from a welding shop as it's cheaper, and the fuse block I'll put in is this one: Raptor 1/0 Gauge ANL Fuse...
  6. NewLogic87

    Is this fuse required to get power to the amp? (see pic)

    I've just installed a new stereo but I can't get my amp to turn on for some reason. I've quadruple checked every connection I know to check and I'm thinking it could be either: 1. The amp is broken. 2. The remote on cable might not be getting its 12 volts from the deck and I should try hooking...
  7. M

    What are the best methods of surge protection in car audio?

    I know that circuit breakers and fuses are used in car audio to protect surges of power from damaging electronics, but are there other options available? In home audio, there are components called Line conditioners. They continually test the power and shut it down when there is inconsistent...
  8. Under the hood

    Under the hood

    6 fuse holders under the hood, 6 in the trunk. .25" thick x 1.25" wide solid copper busbars