front stage

  1. Doxquzme

    New Front Stage Driver Placement

    Getting ready to swap some drivers and put in mew 2" dome mids. Tweeters: CDT ES 1200is (3500-25kz) CDT Audio ES-1200iS Midrange: Sony 203s 2" Dome mid 500 hz to 3500 khz Misbass: CDT HD-M - 70 to 500 hz CDT Audio HD-M6...
  2. chilling1337

    deciding on speakers

    I’ve been looking at Morel Virtus 603. I do love their sound but adding up that $800 + an amp etc is making me second guess. Any recommendations to make a similar build as front stage, but cheaper I do like sound quality over super loud
  3. Eggroll

    Front Stage Thread

    Clearly the search bar isn't working so forgive me if this has been posted before. I have a 2013 Nissan Altima, and my front stage will consist of my: 1 - AVH - x4800bs (on the way) 1 - PPI 900.4 2 - VX4-ST Supertweeters. 4 ohm 300 rms 2 - PAX65 Speakers. 4 ohm 260rms So here are my...
  4. atownmack

    diy active front stage recommendation

    So this go around I think Im going to run raw drivers in a 2 way active set up. currently my doors are sealed and deadened, and looking at going with raw drivers from madisound and/or parts express. I want a high end sound, but on a budget (champagne but on a beer budget!) I was looking at the...
  5. J

    Need help planning the front stage for a 2000 Mustang Coupe

    so I got the trunk ready (2 JL w6s and a PDX12 alpine)... Now for the front. So got 6x8s in the door and the same in the rear deck. It has that Mach 460 system so it has those pods up by the mirrors which Im thinkin to put the tweeters with some minor customization. Now what Im lookin for is...
  6. Front Doors  9 inch Morel Mid Base Woofers

    Front Doors 9 inch Morel Mid Base Woofers

    Morel 9" mid base