factory amp

  1. S

    2010 Lincoln MKX Crossovers?

    Good Morning everyone, I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX with the factory THX audio and factory amplifier. My front doors are factory component speakers and I am replacing them with Morel Tempo Ultra 572 component speakers. In the door, there are no factory crossovers, but I do believe that the amp is...
  2. M

    Factory JBL System VS System From Previous Car

    Just got a new (used) car after having my parked car get totaled by a drunk. It’s a 2011 Toyota Camry XLE V6. I’ve never had a factory amp and I’m surprised by how loud the jbl system gets even without a sub. I’m disappointed that the “8 speaker”system is actually only 6. In the coming days I...
  3. Tshaffe

    How do I bypass factory amp?

    I have a 2000 monte carlo ss and my speakers are getting no sound and every once in a while fade in and out. I have a aftermarket kenwood deck, Polk audio front speakers and stock rear speakers. Haven't had a problem before now. I have come to the conclusion that my factory amp is going bad...
  4. Tshaffe

    No sound from speakers

    One day I got in my car, my head unit turned on like normal but got no sound. My car is a Monte Carlo and has a factory amp. I think either this or the head unit is the problem. I have a sub amp hooked up also and have tried it with and without it and it doesn't affect it. Right when I turn my...
  5. Tshaffe

    Speakers stopped working??

    One day I got in my car and my head unit was on but I'm getting no sound. I thought this was really weird. My car is a Monte carlo and has a factory amp hooked to the speakers and haven't had a problem before. I had my amp for my sub hooked up and I normally have a sub hooked up but I don't have...