1. nsword10

    drivers side speakers stopped working

    i installed a new radio and new kicker front speakers in my 04 f150, and at first, the front left speaker was cutting out, so i rewired it (using heat shrink connectors if that matters). that didn’t solve it, and a few weeks later, my rear left speaker, which is still a stock speaker, quit...
  2. ayriggins

    94 F150 stock radio Bluetooth mod

    I have a 1994 Ford F150 with a stock radio that includes a tape player that I'm currently modifying with a Bluetooth receiver. My plan is to splice into the tape deck. I was able to get power to the Bluetooth receiver, but I'm struggling to get sound out of it. I removed all of the springs for...
  3. stevef22

    Recommend 4 speakers + sub + amp for my 1994 F150

    Recommend 4 speakers + sub + amp for my 1994 F150. Budget for speakers $500, Budget for amp(s) $500 Please help recommend 4 speakers, sub and amp for my truck. She's a 1994 F150 I restored. Single Cab, Short Bed. Head unit is a Sony MEX-N5300BT I added a few months ago. Also added about 100mil...
  4. 6

    Having trouble installing Pioneer MVH-1400NEX into 09' F150 XLT

    My buddy and I spent about 8 hours today trying to get my head unit turned on. We eventually found out that the red (ignition) wire has absolutely no power. I was using This Wiring Harness...
  5. lariat flareside

    Amp location in 2000 F150 supercab

    I am looking at buying a prefab box (https://www.supercrewsound.com/00F150ECdual.html) and running 2 kicker Comp VX 10’s at 4 ohms. I’m sure it’s right in front of my face, but I blatantly cannot understand how Amps work. So my question is what amps could I run to power both of these to the best...
  6. A


    Truck Photos and Enclosure Headrest Solution for Seat Lift Inspiration Please view the photos and video before reading:) Essentially I will custom build my own box and get it as close to the reference photos as possible. Using a router, a rasp set, and some basic sanding. Four 8" subs...
  7. M

    93 f150 single cab 2 10 ideas

    Here we go.....I used to own a 1500 ext cab Chevy but trans died and front diff cracked so its gone...now have a 93 f150 single cab got for 250 needed clutch runs great....but the lame sound *****....I have 2 massive audio kilo104 sub's and a 2k amp I'm just trying to get ideas here....option...
  8. J

    Space Problem F-150 extended cab FX2

    I've been looking through many of forums trying to find a solution for the problem i am having. In my FX2 i have 2 - 10" subs that i have bought a box that is supposed to be "built for it" and what i got is a big problem, they hit the floor. The box lays facing down and due to the slope of the...
  9. 2000 Ford F150 supercab

    2000 Ford F150 supercab

    12" T3 Audio sub from parts express in a custom 3/4" MDF 1.75 cu ft ported box. Kenwood KDC-348u Head unit and a Boss Phantom 1500 Watt amp. Hits very well!! my first install
  10. T

    Need help with a box for an f150?

    I'm gonna take out the backseats. And i was wondering if a box for 2 15's with about 6-8 cubic feet would fit with out being higher than the seats so i can see out the rear view mirror? I don't know the dimensions but here is a pic.
  11. B

    Eastern North Carolina Audio Shop

    I'm looking to have some custom work done to my truck. I want my dash piece to be reworked with fiberglass to house an ipad. Any reccomendations on where to do business would be greatly appreciated.
  12. YoungBloodM50

    New to me truck, came with alarm, couple questions.

    So I bought a 2001 F-150 the other day and it came with a viper 790xv alarm system/ remote start. I really want to take off the camper shell it came with but I know that the alarm is hooked up to it. Will I have any problems with this? Should I just take it to a shop? And about how much...
  13. T

    2009-2010 F150 Supercrew installs

    Anyone have any advice, tips on what they did or how they did it? I see just enough room behind back seat to mount an amp and am temped to see about fitting a shallow 10" sub back there as well. The other big question is go with a 5 channel amp or a 4 channel and a Monoblock if just running 1...
  14. Premier Headunit

    Premier Headunit

    My Roush Head Unit Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT.
  15. Roush with LED lighting and H.I.D. Headlights

    Roush with LED lighting and H.I.D. Headlights

    My Trucks LED lighting and H.I.D. headlights at night.
  16. 06 Roush Stage 1 F150 FX4

    06 Roush Stage 1 F150 FX4

    06 Roush Stage 1 F150 FX4 in front of Shed.
  17. Rear seat view of Gear

    Rear seat view of Gear

    rear seat view of Gear!
  18. JL Audio 8w3v3

    JL Audio 8w3v3

    My JL 8" Subwoofer for that accurate kickdrum performance
  19. Jack Roush sitting in my truck.

    Jack Roush sitting in my truck.

    Jack Roush sitting in my truck and signed my dash for me.
  20. Sony Moniter mounted in Overhead Storage tray

    Sony Moniter mounted in Overhead Storage tray

    Sony Moniter in overhead Console for PS2 and DVD's on the long hauls.
  21. Roush F150 Door

    Roush F150 Door

    My Passenger Door Dynamated!
  22. Front Stage Components

    Front Stage Components

    My Front Stage Components in driver door.
  23. JL Amp and  BatCap

    JL Amp and BatCap

    JL Audio A4300 and Blackmore Cap
  24. Battery and Fuseholder

    Battery and Fuseholder

    My Optima Battery and Fuseholder