1. D

    Need a 10" ported box recommendation.

    Hi, I'm in need of an enclosure recommendation. I will soon be upgrading my JL Audio w0's to w3v3's. I want to go ported and I've looked at JL audios website specs for the subs but I can't seem to find a decent box that fits the specs. Thanks
  2. 1000101

    List of enclosure manufacturers for Silverado 1500 Crew Cab - List is started PLEASE ADD

    https://soundsgoodstereo.com/collections/custom-subwoofer-enclosures Stage 3 Enclosure (mtiacoustics.net) Silverado 1500/HD Crew Cab (mtiacoustics.net) PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST
  3. A

    Enclosure Specs

    NEED HELP PLEASE.  I own a 2015 Dodge 2500 SLT 4 door . I'm wanting to build my own enclosure for two 10" subs under rear seat. If anyone can help with specs it would greatly be appreciated  P.S.  Sorry if this has been a topic already
  4. mendon mafia

    2 sealed vs 1 ported. My experience so far!

    Hi everyone, Before I get started, for reference: Vehicle-1994 Chevy Caprice 9C1 Electrical - stock, 1/0 from battery to amp, grounded to trunk floor, needs big 3 or more but suffices for now Amp - Wolfram Audio 2400.1d (has clipping indicator bass knob!), subsonic 10hz, hpf max Woofers -...
  5. R

    Need subwoofer/amplifier/enclosure selection help!

    Hello folks! I'm currently putting together a modest SQ build and have run into a bit of a snag with subwoofer, enclosure, and amplifier selection and would greatly appreciate some advice on the matter. The snag is my lack of familiarity with the current "good brands" and the strange lack of...
  6. T

    Need help with enclosure

    I have no clue when it comes to enclosures, and im a college kid on a budget, so i need help finding what i need in an enclosure, I bought the HDS310, here are the subs's specs. Piston Diameter 203.2 mm Mounting Depth 7.5" Circle Cutout 9.25" Overall Diameter 10 7/8 with gasket Xmax...
  7. T

    Need help with box specs

    I have 2 12 inch alpine swr 12d2 and i am trying to make a ported box but i need help with specifications. Any help would be great!
  8. H

    Pro box builders

    I'm In need of a custom box for 2 12s sa I need a 4 cubic foot box tuned to 34-36 hz I got cash on hand
  9. D

    Subwoofer Enclosure Fabricated by current West Coast Customs Fabricator / Installer

    Item(s) for Sale: Subwoofer Enclosure fabricated by current West Coast Customs Fabricator / Installer, with 2 ea. Kicker L5's Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent Price: $350.00 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: This thing is built SOLID out of MDF and is too heavy to...
  10. Omgstupidlag

    Just have a small question..

    What is the effect of using a 4th order passive radiator enclosure compared to sealed or vented enclosures?
  11. InFaMoUs119

    Does anyone build Custom boxes and ship?

    does anyone on these forums build sub enclosures and ship them out to the buyer? im looking have a box built for dual 12in sundown sa's or dual 15 sa's vented and tuned for low bass street bangin any help on a great builder that ships would be much appreciated thanks!.
  12. L

    how to build a ported box for 2 alpine type r

    i need help building a ported box for two alpine type r.i have the in one already but i think the box is two small anmd tuned low because it doesnt hit as hard.ive seen other alpine type r in a bigger box and sound great,so so decided to build one but i dont how to start and i want to tune...
  13. N

    Building enclosure tips

    I just bought a new Polk DXI 124 DVC 12 inch dual-voice-coil sub woofer and to save myself some money I am building the enclosure for it. I was wondering what the best dimensions for the enclosure are, and what materials do I need
  14. L

    hifonics hfi 12s

    Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: 2 hfi 12s in 3 cubes @35hz they are on 300rms from a Audiopipe asm1300 @4 ohms and they are gettin loud .They are getting low as my previous 15s cvr(2) they perform excellent solid clear bass im very pleased cant wait to put them on 600rms .. they are loud...
  15. Raamat


    I covered the back window of the Tundra insideand out and all the corners/sides. It really reduced the vibrations!