1. HariboSingh

    Replacement for 12W7 cone cover?

    JL Audio doesn't directly sell replacement parts for 12W7s and they want like $200 for a service/repair job. would be a good option, but they're unavailable and have been for months. Has anyone found an alternative, maybe from a...
  2. M

    Speaker installation

    Hey all, after hours of scouring the internet for info I have decided to ask instead. I want to hook up 6 speakers 2 subs and 4 door speakers. I currently have the two subs and 2 rear speakers hooked up. I ordered 2 speakers for the front doors and want those hooked up to the same amp if...
  3. atownmack

    diy active front stage recommendation

    So this go around I think Im going to run raw drivers in a 2 way active set up. currently my doors are sealed and deadened, and looking at going with raw drivers from madisound and/or parts express. I want a high end sound, but on a budget (champagne but on a beer budget!) I was looking at the...
  4. R

    Mazda Rx-7 wiring identification

    Please help me identify the wires from the car and then the stereo wiring harness. From left to right these are the wires that attach to the stereo wiring harness: 1. white w/ red 2. blue w/ red 3. blue w/ yellow 4. black 5. red w/ black 6. blue w/ white The last 4 wires all feed into the...
  5. I

    DIY alternative to glass antennas

    I drive a 2007 Accord that has the radio antenna embedded in the rear glass. My deck is a Pioneer 880PRS. I had horrible reception even with power going to the stock antenna booster. I read about the universal window mounted antennas but people were saying that nothing beats a good old mast...
  6. L

    DIY Dip Kit - Dashboard Finishing Kit

    Neat idea: They have carbon fiber, woodgrain, skulls, snake skin, and camo dip kits... Was thinking it would make a neat dashboard finishing kit
  7. bigdwiz

    DIY Custom Toolbox Boombox built with Car Audio Gear!

    I've been wanting to build my own boombox for about 20 years, so I recently decided to hack my trusty Rubbermaid 21" Plastic toolbox into a portable car stereo "boombox". Here are the components I used: Source - Alpine CDA-9813 CD/MP3/WMA (with V-Drive high power built-in amplifier) Sound -...