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  1. K

    DB Drive Euphora processor?

    Does anyone have any experience with the DB Drive Euphoria EDSP31 ? Looking to add a processor to my system. or any suggestions on another processor ?
  2. okurk5

    HELP on box build! 2 12s

    Help on build please!.. okay I have a 4 door chevy 2000 blazer, I have 2 db drive okur k5 12s dual 2 ohm 1500 peak 750 rms, I would like to make these things hit really low? I was going to build them in a really big band pass type with a 6" aero port? but people are telling me that they...
  3. WashYourWinky

    FS/FT: DB Drive Okur A5 800.1

    Item(s) for Sale: DBDrive Okur A5 800.1 Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent condition, adult owned. Will come with the original box. 4 Ω @ 14.4 VOLTS: 1 X 400 WATTS 2 Ω @ 14.4 VOLTS: 1 X 800 WATTS SUBSONIC FILTER:15 - 55HZ CAPABILITY: 2 Ω MONO MULTI-LINK CAPABILITY DRIVESINK HEAT...
  4. C

    What sub box for db drive platinum series?

    Hey guys, Im new to the forum in search of some answers. I have two db drive platinum series subs. It says they need 2 cubic feet box with an 4 in round port 8 inches deep tuned to 32 hz. My question is where can i get a box pretty close to what i need. Thanks for the help
  5. DB Drive k5

    DB Drive k5

    DB Drive K5 10" 1500w subwoofer
  6. joelavila1994

    New, never used db drive okur k5 10" subwoofer

    Item(s) for Sale: DB Drive Okur 10" Dual 4-ohm 1500watt subwoofer 750wrms, 1500 peak. Item(s) Description/Condition: the subwoofer is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Price: paid $170 at a local car audio shop, would like to get $75obo plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  7. DB Drive K5 10"

    DB Drive K5 10"

    1500watt DB Drive K5 10" subwoofer for the build in the teggy.
  8. 1

    melted speaker wire...help!!

    I have a 15" DB drive okur k9 powered by an autotek atc2000.1. The otherday the + box terminal melted n the wire also. I rewired everything with 8g wire. I hooked it up n now it sounds like crap!! I rechecked the wireing, voice coils, and cone. Everything's fine but major distortion. Is it...
  9. things we sell

    things we sell

  10. Team TH (Donny)

    DB Drive PT2000.1D

    DB Drive PT2000.1D This has been an excellent amp for the year in which I've owned. I purchased this amp new and have never had any problems with it. The amp has two power, ground, and remote inputs (two power supplies). DB Drive's ratings are; 500 wrms @ 4 ohm, 1000 wrms @ 2 ohm, and 2000 wrms...