1. S

    2 15 kickers or a DC XL. which is better for me?

    So I will be getting either a 97 z71 or a jeep wrangler within the next month or so. Now I had planned to put a 15" DC XL in it. Total will cost around $2k with a alternator. Now a couple days ago I heard a friends 2 15" CVRs and loved it. But I want a bit deeper than the CVRs. They where in a...
  2. S

    Subwoofer and Amplifier Help!

    Story time, I had two MTX Audio 10" subwoofers rated at 200RMS each. The link to the whole setup is here: bitly/LL4PnH (Put a . between "bit" and "ly") They sounded great, they had a lot of "boom" versus just straight up shaking which I've seen in setups before. Don't get me wrong, these...
  3. E

    Kicker CVR vs CVX

    I am planning on installing a system to my 04 Trailblazer. I have a budget but its not too low. I want 2 12 and would probably go with a ported box. I listen to rap/techno i would like suggestions for which sub as well as amp
  4. xmakeafistx

    Planning on getting two Kicker CVX 12 inch subs.

    I have been browsing subs for a long time now, and I decided on these because the quality is better than L7's [from what I've been told] and they hit almost as hard. I'm still stuck on what amplifiers I'm going to have run this, I don't plan on spending more than 300 dollars on amplifiers...
  5. C

    Help Choosing Kicker Sub/Enclosure

    I am working up to building and installing what will be my first system. I just need some help in choosing which subwoofer to use. I recently purchased a kicker zx500.1 mono amp. I know these amps are underrated and this amp can push close to 600 rms at 2 ohms easily or so Ive read. I am leaning...
  6. M

    3 or 4 subs

    what would hit harder, 3 cvx 12's at 1.3 ohms on a brz2400.1 vented box, or 4 cvx 12's sealed with 2 sets of 2 ohm loads on 2 zx1500.1's. going to be in my trailblazer