ct sounds

  1. M

    battery dying

    i have a 2nd 12v battery for my amp and recently it stopped producing 12v ( ive only had it for 4 months) i figured something was pulling power while the truck was off or it wasn't charging correctly. it could be a charging issue. i also took it out and charged it to 12v and i watched it slowly...
  2. Baconbitz121

    Sundown SIA-1750d - any good?

    So I just pulled the trigger on a sundown SIA-1750, which will be a replacement for my Skar RP-2000 that recently kicked the bucket. I was overwhelmed with all the options available, but I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. After all the crap I've heard about Skar, I'm pretty confident I'll...
  3. AtillaTheHung

    CT Sounds T-1000.1 good for a friend or?

    I've seen some dyno runs of some of their amps. Not too shabby, but I was wanting to hear some input from the forums. We've got all the electrical to back it up, and the innards look great. This is the newer version that doesn't have the vibration problems. Also, does the bass knob with this...
  4. cthedinger

    CT Sounds 500.2 Amplifier - 1600w RMS at 4 ohms

    Item(s) for Sale: Brand new CT Sounds 500.2 Amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand New 0GA Inputs Clear Plexi Glass Bottom CT Sounds Voltage Bass Knob Included Class AB 520w x 2 at 4 ohm 800w x 2 at 2 ohm 1600w x 1 at 4 ohm Link for more info...
  5. bbeljefe

    Golf... Audio Anarchy Style

    Here's a fun little project I did on a car show shuttle cart last week. The system is as follows: JVC Double Din... not sure the model because it was customer supplied 1 - CT Sounds 60.4 as the powerplant 4 - CT Sounds PA65 6.5" PA mids 2 - CT Sounds PAT 3" PA tweets 2 - CT Sounds Tropo V1...
  6. bbeljefe

    Audio Anarchy 8" T-Line Paper Shredding Fun

    A few build pics... And... some testing of the box before we put it in the car: The gear being used to test with: Mids: Execution Audio 6.5" coaxials with soft dome tweets - They're in my PA pods but the PA tweets are not hooked up. Bass Amp: Ground Zero GZTA 1.800DX - This is a...