crackling noise

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    Crackling and hiss in radio

    Hey guys, I just recently installed a new stereo in my car and (after getting the wiring right 🤦🏻‍♂️) I’m getting a constant hiss in all speakers, and a popping noise when the volume goes to zero. When I go in the back to check the wiring, I sometimes get a loud crack/pop when fiddling with the...
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    Crackling Noise with new Atoto S8 head unit

    Purchased atoto s8 Installing it into a jeep grand cherokee 2000 limited It has Infinity sound with an amplifier. -Premium Sound Infinity system(Radio unit with external amplifier and six Infinity 4-ohm speakers) I got the metria install harness...
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    Please help, i have a question

    Hello everyone, To be upfront and honest with everyone i signed up just to get help. I did look through the forum to be sure this was the right place to post this. Hopefully i was correct. My wife has a 2002 grand am gt with the momsoon sound system. Her monsoon system was locked out so we...
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    Brand New Alpine S-Series Component speaker makes popping noise when being used

    My front right channel speaker is an Alpine S-Series 6.5" Component speaker which is connected to the JVC KD-R900 Head unit no amps. When ever i try to play any music slightly loud or with any bass in it the speaker begins to crackle or pop. It isn't soo loud that you can't hear the music but it...