1. brayball25

    Comp Vx vs Comp R

    So ive been lookintg at subs to put under my seat in my truck. ive been wondering whether the difference in a comp r and a comp vx is substantial. im just looking for somethting that will vibrate the cars around me? I was gonna get 2 compvx 12 but now im wondering whether or not two compr 12...
  2. S

    kicker square sub l7 or similar 15 or 18 even a old comp 18

    Hi guys why? 07736841549 bob
  3. Z

    Kicker comps to jLw3's

    Considering buying two 12" jLw3's and getting rid of my kicker comps. I have mb quart 1500 watt amp. Will the w3s perform at a high level with this amp ?
  4. Z

    2 12" kicker comps and a 15" kicker comp?

    I am thinking about adding a 15" kicker comp to my 2 12" kicker comps. I have a 1500 watt mb quart amp. Does anyone know if I would have to purchase another amp with this new addition or any other accessories ?
  5. cp4807511720911428398


    2 X Kicker 05c124
  6. Simone_alyce

    Kicker Enclosure

    Hi Guys, Just bought a car, it has 2x Kicker Comp 05c124 in the store released dual enclosure. Problem is I have 2x Soundstream T612's waiting to go in but their optimum enclosure is 1 cu ft and I don't know the dimensions of the current box. I don't want to pull the subs out to measure it...
  7. Reddish Neck

    What do you think?

    I just purchased these 2 subs and someone has me second-guessing. Can someone give me input on what they think of these 2 Kicker Comp 10s? And what kind of amp should I power these with?
  8. Reddish Neck

    Found a Kicker deal

    I found buy one get one free for 2 Kicker Comp 12" (Model #: C124). Anyone have these and are they any good for $100 for both?
  9. Z

    MB Quart Comp Crossover

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 pair of QM 200.70 COMP passive crossovers Item(s) Description/Condition: 2 way crossovers with 3 tweeter settings and woofer crossover points of 3,600Hz 12db/oct 120watts/chan these are brand new still wrapped in the original package only removed to take pictures of 1 of...
  10. Williams37

    Going cheap this time

    I have had the solo x 12 and the 18, a 13.5 jl w7, and some higher end rf subs since I have been building. I have been out of it for a lost a year now and I finally need some bass again! My question is, what do you guys think about running 6 kicker comp 15s instead of something like 1 solo x 18...
  11. DS Autosports

    SOLD DS stuff for sale thread

    Bought all this stuff for my car, but had a financial mishap and need to sell it all to recoup some cash. Absolutely no trades guys; gotta have cash...Shipping is included in price to lower 48 states. Mmats D800.2 - 10/10 cosmetic and 10/10 function. ($165) True Bass Ultra 8" D2 - Sub is...
  12. S

    Blown Sub Help, Please

    I have blown one 07CVR102 (10" dual voicecoil @2omh). The system is a Fosgate 401sp to a single comp vr. It was wired, neg to neg, pos to pos, one feed coming from pos and one from neg to amp. This was for about a year, then one day while switching songs it stopped. I got home and pulled sub...