1. J

    PRV8MB700FT-NDY-4 or Blam L200P for doors

    I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Crew cab. I want to install 8" door speakers that will get LOUD. I just ordered a Helix V12 Amp/Dsp and want to use this to run six Blam LFR80 3 inch midrange in each front door (see links), one in each dash corner and two in the rear head liner. I will also have a tweet...
  2. M

    High Pass Crossover Clarity Effects

    If my sub-woofer is handling frequencies up to 200hz, is it best for me to set the Mid-Range Crossover for my coaxial door speakers in my amp to around 150hz instead of the default 80hz? I'm thinking I can get better clarity in the higher Mid-Range if the speakers didn't have to work on...
  3. D

    your inputs on building a sound system from the ground up

    hey yall, i need some help. im rebuilding my car and it needs a sound system that invokes all the emotions that music was meant to give.. basically i need to know where to put what kinda speakers, what are todays "good and clear" speakers, what amps, equalization etc will i need to power it...
  4. Why So Cereal?

    Amp For SQL setup

    ok i am looking at either a rockford p500-4 or boston GT-475. Both rated at same power. SN ratio higher on boston acoustics and I have had experience with BA before and not one complaint here! But i hated my first pair of rockford speakers. But people say their amps are great. So which one will...