1. GearboyOfficial

    Bridging A Headunit with Dual Voice Coil Speakers?

    Hi I have a Kenwood Deck with a 5 channel amp. My amp is powering my door speakers and subs at 40 RMS to the door speakers. Now I know this is probably not doable because I dont have a deep enough understanding of bridging but as far as I am aware a bridgeable channel is one that can handle 1-2...
  2. GearboyOfficial

    Bridging Head unit with dual voice coil speakers?

    Hi ive been looking around for the past week and cant quite seem to find what im looking for. I understand that amps that have a "Bridged" channel is a channel that allows a 1-2 ohms setup. I have my current 5 channel amp running my door speakers at 40 rms and my headunit is sitting idle but it...
  3. J

    Can I bridge my amp?

    I have a sony 500 watt xplod amp I was wondering if I could bridge it so I could get that massive ~300watt load *kidding* , I don't have the instructions and I am a newbie when it comes to this type of stuff. I am running a single dvc 4ohm 10in pioneer championship sub. Any help would be greatly...
  4. adulbrich

    Half or full bridge?

    What kind of amplifier do you run and why? Please contribute to the poll! I am going to use the statistics in my English paper. Why did you chose Korean or Brazilian? I've run both, but only have my experiences and opinions. Main reason I'm not running half bridge anymore is I can't afford...
  5. S

    Can you bridge a Head Unit?

    Yo yo yo yo yo, I've bought a set of Pioneer Head Unit + 2 speakers. The head unit is 4 X 22w RMS and the 2 speakers are 40w RMS each. So can I bridge them like you would an amplifier to make 2 X 44w RMS? Is there a reason it would not work? Tubular Dudes, Sho
  6. tpatten12345

    Speaker Amp

    I am looking to get an amplifier to power a polk mm6501 component set. they are 2.7 ohms and they will take 125 rms. I would like to get an amp that is either just right or has a little headroom. the amp only needs to be 2 channels or 4 bridged. I was looking at one of these: Rockford Fosgate...
  7. N

    Wiring 2 8" L7 4 Ohm subs to a 850/2 amp

    I am pretty sure the way I want to hook my system up is Bridging the amp and then running my voice coils in series like option 2 of this link. When I bridge the amp do I need to put jumpers or anything or just run...
  8. F

    Parallel/Bridge Mono with multiple amplifiers

    After buying a few of the Crown Macro-tech amps, i started to look into the idea of Parallel Mono to obtain large power with two channels/separate amplifiers. Using a mono signal split into two identical signals with a Y-splitter, i thought - why not use two identical mono amplifiers on the same...