1. G

    15" adire brahma

    I just got this sub and I need to know the dimensions of a ported box I'm going to build. I have an 06 grand prix
  2. J

    15" brahma mk II

    hey guys i have a adire audio brahama mkII 15" with blown voice coils and custom 3.5 sq. ft at 32 hz enclosure built by someone off of here. my question is is their any value in it?? i was wanting to get 3 8" subs in a ported box for my new ride... any input at all would be very very helpfull thanks
  3. B

    WTB Adire Audio Braham

    WTB a Braham, preferably a dual 2ohm 12 inch but may consider different size. Need someone willing to ship to the Uk, Thanks, Bassy.
  4. 30Hertz

    30Hertz's 02 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner, 15" Brahma MKII

    Been perusing the forum for a while now. Not really new to car audio but have been out of the mix for a few years and decided I'd build myself a new box since I've got some time. Currently I'm using: Sub: 15" Brahma MKII powered by an Orion 2500d. Components: Diamond Audio D6's powered by a...
  5. beach22

    WTB Adire Brahma MkII 10"s or motors

    want to buy or trade for Brahma MkII subs preferably 10"s any shape.
  6. Brahma 15" Angle View

    Brahma 15" Angle View

  7. Kicker 1200.1 for Brahma 15"

    Kicker 1200.1 for Brahma 15"

  8. Brahma 15" Rear View

    Brahma 15" Rear View