box help

  1. Jwillie

    Port help

    I working on finishing up a subwoofer box for my VW. I'm keeping my spare tire under the box so I'm getting a little creative with the design. I'm have the subwoofer depth figured out ( 6.75" ) the total cubic feet figured out ( 2.06 cubic feet ) I'm posting some picture of the build so far...
  2. 3

    2 18" ported box design

    Looking for a little advice on designing a box for 2 're sx18's. Subwoofers are going in a ford excursion so space really isnt a issue until 50 "-w. . I would prefer subs up port to back. But open to suggestions. Running a opti 4601. Looking to be around 14-16 total cu. Ft. Tuned 34 hz
  3. S

    New & about to try something for the 1st time....

    :nerd:I'm pretty handy.. but don't know much about building boxes.. But I got handed the short end of a stick.. Great Subs (2 AB XFL 1244)... Great Amp (AB Phantom 4000D)... but really shi**y install.. nowhere near specs... box might be .75 cubed sealed for each sub.. So i'm going to attempt to...
  4. MellowHype

    How to stop sub moving around in the trunk

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can keep my box in one place in my trunk? whenever i go round corners it slams into the side. I was thinking about getting strong velcro, but the box is pretty heavy and i dont think it will keep it down.
  5. G

    15 in. Fi SSD box help!

    Recently just purchased a 15in fi ssd and was hoping to get some ideas for a box; size, type of ports, number of ports, tuning frequency, the works. Additional details: will be getting 1200 watts at 1 ohm daily The back of my suv is 42 inches wide, with a maximum depth of 38 inches and a Max...
  6. tundra1221

    need help designing dual reflex bandpass enclosure

    need help designing dual reflex bandpass enclosure or would a single reflex be better?
  7. tundra1221

    box design help!!!!

    will someone make a box design for me or tell me how to do what im trying to do please im stuck
  8. M

    Help with box construction for 2 HDC318-A

    Is a box that is 13.6 cubic feet big enough for two of these subs? That is with estimated displacement of the subwoofers. This is going in a ford contour trunk. Until I can wall them off. If it is two big I will also get rid of some cubes. If anybody could draw up some blueprints for my install...