blown subs

  1. D

    Can't tell if my subs are blown, need some help

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if you are able to tell whether the issue, as seen in the video, is with my subs or my amp. The subs play fine at a low volume, but once it reaches a certain threshold then it starts to have an issue. You can hear it at the beginning of the video and then again at around...
  2. J

    Can't push in Hertz subwoofers. Are the blown? Is my amp the right amp for subs?

    Hey so I I'm running 2- 10 inch hertz 750watt subs with a pioneer class d mono amp 1 channel, 2400 max w. Ran system for about a week fine. Then the other day. I was mirroring my Samsung phone on A/V input and was watching music videos on YouTube. Input from YouTube was low so I turned up source...
  3. M

    Jl Audio 10W6V2 help

    I bought 2 10 inch w6v2 and I blew them. I thought they would be able to handle some power because they're great subs. I've been searching for rebuild kits for them all over but have come up with nothing. Does anyone know of a place that sells these or makes their own kits that will work? All...
  4. A

    Blown Woofers

    Item(s) for Sale: I am looking for blown subwoofers and/or motor and basket structures, high quality ones. I'm looking for brands like Fi, RE, Rockford Fosgate and stuff like that. Im just starting out, and am trying to make some bomb *** looking woofers. Item(s) Description/Condition...
  5. therockdrummer

    I immediately blew my new subs.

    I just installed all my car stereo at one time as follows: Pioneer AVH4400BH Alpine TypeR 6.5 comps Alpine TypeR 6.5 coax Kicker PKD1 0gauge kit 2x Alpine SWR-10D4 Alpine PDX-F4 Alpine PDX-M12 Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker dual vented enclosure. Everything sounded amazing for about a week...