1. my_stealth21

    TC sounds/Audiopulse REVO 12'' D2

    Item(s) for Sale: TC sounds / Audiopulse REVO 12'' D2 Item(s) Description/Condition: Sub is in excellent condition and is fully functional. Loves to get low and it's loud doing it. Price: 300 shipped. Will accept trade offers ecspecially for subs. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  2. M

    Trying to build enclosure for a 15" tc sounds tc-3000/axis quadcoil help!

    I am trying to make my first sub enclosure, it's for a 15" tc-3k / axis quadcoil . Just need some assistance on measurements and tuning. It's going in my 01' Acura TL's trunk.. THAnkS or just the easy way out..... if you are in los angeles area maybe you can build one for me.
  3. my_stealth21

    Audiopulse REVO

    Looking for a revo any condition just hit me up. Thanks
  4. resko1

    15" TC Sounds TC5200 with 2 tops *cheap*

    Item(s) for Sale: Last time this is getting posted. If nobody wants this excellent deal, then im keeping it and its going into the build. The oem tc5200 msrp was like 1400. These are not made anymore. A new top from tc sounds is 650ea. This is over a 1000 value. Im only looking to get out of it...
  5. resko1

    12" TC Sounds/ESA TC9+ LMS custom

    Item(s) for Sale: 12" TC Sounds/ESA TC9+ LMS custom Item(s) Description/Condition: I used this in my HT setup for awhile. Gets LOW in a sealed box. TC9+ motor with copper shorting ring from an Eclipse sw8000, 12" Axis basket, single med 10" spider with sewn in flat leads, S3 ohm aluminum...
  6. audio_phill

    SOLD TC Sounds Under Cap cone weights or Caps lol.

    1. Product: Title 2. Specs: Can be used to lower Fs or as an AL cap 3. Description/Condition: 5.5" Al Dish cone weight, Brand new, can be used as a Cap as well. Matte black 4. Price: : $10 each, these are thick and pretty heavy 5. Pictures:
  7. audio_phill

    SOLD Audiopulse Proto Epic

    1. Product: Title 2. Specs: D2, uses new spiders but a different motor and basket Re = 4.1028 ohms Fs = 35.4496 Hz Zmax = 37.5419 ohms Qes = 0.4780 Qms = 3.8956 Qts = 0.4257 Le = 2.9559 mH (at 1 kHz) Diam =...
  8. audio_phill

    SOLD Sunfire SC8 Raw Driver

    1. Product: Title 2. Specs: Re = 5.0564 ohms Fs = 40.2989 Hz Zmax = 65.6593 ohms Qes = 0.5486 Qms = 6.5747 Qts = 0.5063 Le = 12.1051 mH (at 1 kHz) Diam = 162.2425 mm ( 6.3875 in ) Sd =20673.7444...
  9. audio_phill

    SOLD TC OEM 12 Pair

    1. Product: Title 2. Specs: I'd feel safe at 1K rms per, 3. Description/Condition: New, have been mounted (in the crate to ship to me) but no power yet. Motor has a tc7 top-plate and the typical stack from a 3HP and looks to be a TC-9 T-yoke maybe... 4. Price: : $200 per shipped or $390...
  10. E

    SOLD Audiopulse TC Sounds Axis 12Q1 12" Quad VC Subwoofer

    1. Product: Audiopulse TC Sounds Axis 12Q1 12" Quad VC Subwoofer 2. Specs: * High-temperature low eddy-current stainless steel voicecoil former * Quad 1.2 ohm voicecoil using 8-layer flatwound Aluminum wire * Extra-tall gap for higher BL and additional power-handling * 10" linear spider...
  11. S

    SOLD Custom Built TC Sounds 4HP 18" Dual 1 ohm Subwoofer

    I used 6 of these woofers on 2 SAZ4500D's strapped (around 2200-2400 watts per driver-RMS power-) I am parting with them for other expenses at the moment. I still have 4 left at the moment. Coils $650 shipped per woofer firm $2500 for all four shipped firm If you wish to pay via...
  12. Jeffrofosho

    SOLD F/S: Audiopulse Epic 10'' d2

    Looking to sell an Audiopulse 10" Epic d2. Used for a few weeks and never abused. Full specifications can be found here. Asking $175.00 shipped obo. No trades please. Specs: - High temp vc former heat sink technology for improved compression limits - Long throw high temp 2″ wide voice coil...