amplifer wiring

  1. R

    12V, 100W , emergency type car amplifier

    hello, i am looking for ideas on how to design a police type 100W , 12V, power amplifier. the idea is that this amplifier can be installed in a 12V car and produce 100W R.M.S output through an external speaker. i know that it is not something special and that there are a lot of products...
  2. J

    Car Audio Set up 94 GT

    Hello everyone! I have decided to upgrade my car stereo on my 1994 Ford Mustang GT 5L. I have done some research but am still fairly new to this. I was thinking of doing the following... 1.) Upgrade the receiver with to a Alpine CDE-172BT CD receiver 2.) Change all four speakers on the car...
  3. C

    Amp has power but no sound

    Trying to troubleshoot an issue with my subwoofer/amp setup. I recently had to replace an old amp and bought a jbl amp that matches my subwoofer. The new amp worked fine for 2 months then sound became intermittent. I went to a shop and the tech found that my loc was no longer working, but...
  4. Tylerrr01

    Blown and Melted Fuse Block

    For starters here is my setup Subwoofers: 2 10” Kicker Comp R’s 800 watts (peak) per sub 400 watts (rms) per sub Amp: Lanzar Heritage Amp 2000 watt 2-channel bridgeable Ran with a 9.5mm power wire which I believe is 4 gauge. So my issue is whenever I listen to music with the subs if I play...

    HELP Power wire touched rca wire at amp port

    Just like the title says, I touched the power wire from battery to the rca wire at the copper plug while it was plugged into the amp now the amp makes a loud humm or whine thru the speakers, I've checked everything from wires to head unit, it affected 2 amps one keeps going into protect while...
  6. Jgrif593

    Monoblock Amp with Two Sets of Terminals wired Parallel

    I have a Skar RP-800.1D, it is a monoblock with 2 sets of speaker terminals. I know that this is for easier wiring/ more space for wires. My question is when I wire this into my DVC sub, can I just run + to +, + to +, - to -, and - to -, and would this end up as parallel wiring? -For any...
  7. Busyb318

    Need help with subwoofer and amp wiring

    I just installed two DS18 genx 12 inch subwoofers and a DS18 candy mini monoblock amp. The subs are dual 4 ohm rated at 450 rms each I have them wired at a 1ohtm load at amp which is rated at 1000 watt rms 1 ohm or at 450 rms at 4ohm. For two days it has been sounding good . Now it when I...
  8. J

    Sony CDX GT-26 No Rear Out / Sub Option in Setup

    Hi; I purchased a S/H Sony CDX GT26 from eBay as I just needed a head unit with Aux In to replace my old Pioneer DEH-1600R. There appears to be a problem with the wiring on the back of the unit (dodgy connections) but for now the question I have is regarding connecting this to an external Amp...
  9. G

    Amplifier suggestions for 2 SoundQubed HDC3 18" D2 Copper 1500W RMS

    Looking for a decent amp, something in the price range of $100-$400 range. It wont be permanent and will be upgraded eventually. Still pretty new with car audio and if anyone can point me in the right direction with the right gauge wire/brand of wire to use would help a lot!
  10. S

    Boss Audio R3400D setting gain level

    I have a Boss Audio R3400D and I have it hooked in parallel to two 4ohm subwoofers. What should I set the gain to?
  11. P

    Help in evaluating and installing my budget amp.

    This is my first car audio installation. I have to run a pair of Polk coaxials and Focal components. I could not afford many of the pricier amps out there. I was looking for a budget 4 channel amp with at least 60 W RMS and of course good quality for the price. After quite a search, I bought a...
  12. E

    Camaro speaker set up help amp

    Hello I wanted to know what amp I can use for this set up? Sepperate amp for the subs. and how would I conect the amps to the factory chevorlet 2014 camaro my link? And how would I connect the 4 tweeters to the amp? 2xFront door...
  13. G

    Wiring in 2nd Amplifer, Which route should I go?

    Hey everyone, I have a monoblock powered by a 4ga power wire. I have a 2nd amplifier I'm adding to the system which is a 2 channel. Its rms output is 185watt x 2 at 4ohm (cea 2006 compliant so it is legitimate). My front speakers are rated for 50 watt rms and my rears are 35 (all the speakers...