amp protection mode

  1. Zackster

    AMP going into protect with loud volume

    I have 2 pioneer ts w303r champion 12s (250 watt RMS and 1200 watt max @ SVC 4 ohms) in a sealed pick up truck box (I got it for free) and my amp is a Crunch Powerzone pzi 2250 2 channel (1000 watt max and 250 watt rms x 2 @ 4 ohms per channel). After about 20min or so of loud operation, the amp...
  2. E

    Amp is in protect. (AutoTek MM4000.1D)

    Hello fellow Bassheads. Question, My amp goes into protect.I unhooked the sub (wires didnt touch, and car was off) a few days later I open the trunk and notice that the protect light was on. Any idea of how or why this happened? I tried a few things to see if amp would "reset" (unhook RCAs...
  3. P

    Amp help

    I have a db drive dual 600w max sub box and an okur 1000.1 amp, I have had this same setup for about 2.5 years. Recently the amp had been going into protection mode I checked all the wires, fuses, connections, and for corrosion, but it kept going to protect. I played the amp by itself for a few...
  4. P

    Amp goes into protection...HELP!!!

    I have an okur 1000.1 amp from db drive and 2 600w db drive subs, I've had this setup for about 2 1/2 yrs and had it in 2 different cars. The only thing I've replaced is the fuse under the hood connected to the battery, that was last year and when I changed cars I got all new wiring. Now about 3...