4th order bandpass

  1. Bumpin_brothers

    4th order bandpass help

    I have 9 crossfire c3 12s in a Honda Pilot and I want to go walled with a 4th. I am very experienced in everything but bandpass boxes. I want to build something with good bandwidth 20-50 range but I want it to get really windy on the lows. I have designed a wall with based on what I know (8.25...
  2. G

    4th Order Bandpass Box

    Hello All, new to this site, current member and asking; would anyone have any help for me on building a 4th order bandpass sub box for (2) 10 inch Skar DVC's, ported through the rear deck in my 2nd Gen GS300? Any feed back or diagrams will be helpful. I recently saw a thread on google from a guy...
  3. S

    4th order build

    I need some advice on a forth order I'm designing and if it will work it's going to be for 2 10s soundstream t4s and the box demintions are 32w x 22d x 15h the sealed will be .75 for each sub and they will be inverted with about 3 cubes ported it's going to be in an 02 neon the port will be an...
  4. D

    1200w-1800w Amp for SSA Xcon 15"

    I got a SSA xcon 15" going in a 4th order. I'm looking at powering it with a Incriminator Audio IA10.1 1200w at 1ohm My budget is $400 or less My electrical can support 2000w Can I get a better amp for my money? Soundqubed, sundown, crescendo, ct sounds.. Any of these company or other have...
  5. marcos65

    My 1st 4th order BP, single C2 Audio Threatcon-2 15

    So I thought I would try a 4th order bandpass build. I am using the same sub I had before in a 3.5 cubes ported enclosure tuned at 34hz. Single C2 Audio Threatcon-2 15 dual 4ohm VC. So I built this one. Specs are 2 cubes sealed, 3.5 ported at 45-46hz with a 50" of port area. Forgot to...
  6. J

    Need help with 4th order bandpass

    I currently have 4 Kicker Solo Baric L7 15's, I have them all 4 in a huge vented enclosure. In order to do this I had to take the back seat out of my Chevy 2500. I am wanting to design a 4th order band pass just for 2 of them, so I can keep my seat in. I have built many of boxes but I have no...