1. I

    2006 chevy 1500 Crew

    i have a 2006 chevy 1500 crew cab and im looking to put my first system in it and im wondering if i could fit dual 12w3's by JL. I dont have much experience so any imput would be nice. i heard i should run them with a xd700/5 jl amp. if anyone knows how to build this box id greatly appreciate...
  2. murph

    jl 12w3v3 review

    Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: This is my first review and i'm going to be dead honest. I have one jl 12w3v3 in a 1.75 ported box hooked up to a slash 250 1 (old style). At first when I got it installed I was very unhappy because I was unaware of how they set the gain. It sounded very clean...
  3. M

    w3v3 vs w6v3

    whats the differences between the jl audio w6v2 and w3v3? is it just loudness or wattage? im planning on running 2 12w3v3's or 2 12w6v3 hopefully in a ported box so tell me if the w6 is worth the extra money. thanks in advance