1. cotjones

    Ported enclosure specs for a 10W6v2

    In the process of repairing a 10w6v2 which I would like to use in a home theater setup. Have a few questions in regard to the enclosure design. I've had this sub for a while, and several other W6's as well. I just keep coming back to them because I've had a hard time finding this combination of...
  2. S

    JL Audio vs. Rockford Fosgate

    Part 1: Opinions on JL Audio Subwoofers vs. Rockford Fosgate's. I listen to mostly hip-hop if that makes a difference in the recommendation. Part 2: JL Audio 10W6 vs. JL Audio 12W6? About $50 difference. Does it matter? Part 3: Is the XD 700/5 with 400 Watts to the JL12W6 enough if I choose...
  3. S

    RMS power for a 600W RMS JL 10w6v2

    Hey guys, I am getting a 10w6v2 for a great price from a friend, and am going to buy an amp to power it. It has 600W RMS/1200W peak handling. From reading the forums and other sources, I want to get an amp where i don't have to worry about clipping too much, and don't have to max the gain to...