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Rough sketchup need to find port length

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Biscuits aren't a bad idea. If you have access to the tool and it doesn't add a lot of cost or time to the build then it would be ok. Biscuits give you a cleaner look than screws and add a little bit of strength over glue by itself. 


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Adding the biscuits only took 20 min if that.

Overall I'm ecstatic with the results, got way more range & clarity out of this speaker than any other I've ever had! Ended up cutting some of that brace out so the tune is probably closer to 32hz now, but it still sounds tight & has plenty of volume through the higher frequencies... just absolutely smashes the lows without sounding boomy. I didn't expect to keep the responsiveness & tight sound it had sealed but it actually sounds a lot cleaner


Thank you everyone for your help along the way!!



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