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Static from speaker even when volume down

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Hi all,

I bought a '93 Buick Century a couple of months ago. For the first week or so, the front right speaker was cutting in and out. For the past couple of weeks, it hasn't been working at all. Instead there's a loud crackling static coming through the speaker whenever the stereo is powered on, even if the volume is down, and even if it's disabled using the balance/fade knobs. None of these knobs has any effect at all on the static. It happens whether it's set to radio or cassette. I've cleaned all of the pots with de-oxit. I swapped the two front speakers to check if it was a speaker issue, but the problem stayed in the right front spot. I haven't pulled the amp out yet, but mainly because I wouldn't know what to do if I did. Anything I can check? Everything is stock.



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Likely there is a wiring short near the speakers or head unit or a failure of the head unit due to age.  Was there any sign that someone has been in the dash before?  What can happen is previous owners can swap radios but reinstall stock when they sell - leaving wiring connections in the dash that can fail.  Pull he head unit and look for any signs of cut or taped wires.  Fix all connections someone else has done.


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