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Where Are the Headunits With an HDMI Output???

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I've been looking all day and aside from Chinese no brand radios I can't find a decent one with hdmi output.

Ultimately I wanna have a monitor in the cab of my truck for back seat movie watching with my nice alpine spr surround sound in the vehicle. I have an alpine pdx-f4 amp to 100w rms.

So power isn't crucial.

Is there a better way to do this??

Now that I'm thinking about it, I could try streaming just audio through head unit and mirror my phone on a monitor. But an hdmi out sure would be nice. 

Aside from $800 + units I'm in the market. I have a steep discount at the place I work on head units.

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ive only ever seen composite outs on decent decks

2002 Honda Accord sedan V6 (automatic slushbox)

2 Rockford p3 12s (dual 2 ohm)

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX

2 PPI PC275's running 1 sub each atm, waiting to put the SQ 2200.1 back in and add the PhoenixGold Elite.4 once my electrical is up to snuff

Front stage:PRV Audio 6MB200 6.5 and Massive Audio CT2 tweeters

Rear speakers: stock

I just added 5 SoundQubed stickers, and despite having no equipment upgrades, it added 76 DB!!!

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