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more NEX issues

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so, ive pretty much strictly used MP3's solely for the vast majority of the time that ive had my pioneer decks. couple .wav cd's but not common, and only on cd's, never on usb. I have a folder of songs thats basically a playlist and its all mp3 files. Well, i added a .wav file to it and updated the DB file (which took approximately 17 years to do... ugh...) but the deck skips right over the .wav file. WTH? the deck is supposed to be able to play .wav files. Is it being picky because its in the same folder as mp3 files?

2002 Honda Accord sedan V6 (automatic slushbox)

2 Rockford p3 12s (dual 2 ohm)

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX

2 PPI PC275's running 1 sub each atm, waiting to put the SQ 2200.1 back in and add the PhoenixGold Elite.4 once my electrical is up to snuff

Front stage:PRV Audio 6MB200 6.5 and Massive Audio CT2 tweeters

Rear speakers: stock

I just added 5 SoundQubed stickers, and despite having no equipment upgrades, it added 76 DB!!!

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