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Remote Start with fortin bypass - GWR issue

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Firstly thank you to anyone who reads and helps.


I am installing an easyguard ec0002 remote start kit with a fortin evo-all as a bypass.


Everything works except when it comes to the push button start and remote start.


I have double checked all my wiring and it is all connected correctly according to the easyguard install manual and the fortin (b) installation configuration


The fortin is configured to what fortin said it needs to be. But my car will not crank when I attempt to remote start or use the push start button.


I believe the issue is with the GWR wire.


The easy guard does not have one, this kit has a shock sensor instead so they give you instructions on how to wire up a relay to give you a GWR wire.


They say to wire pin 86 to ignition or acc. My car does not have an acc so it is wired to the ignition wire.

It then says pin 85 and pin 30 are to be chassis ground

It then says pin 87 goes to the fortin GWR wire.


This is all done correctly.


When I try to push start, the vehicle turns on and I hear the relays clicking, but it will not crank.


I then can not turn my car off from accessory until I unplug the GWR wire.


IF I put a test wire from the grounded pair ( pins 85 and 30 ) and touch that wire to the GWR connection I can remote start or use the push button. But.... when I want to turn off the car I can not do so unless I unplug the GWR wire.


I hope someone can help me with this. I have had my car torn apart for way to long now.


My plan is to take a spst rocker ( on / off ) and wire it to a solid ground and just turn it on when I want to start my car and turn it off ( killing the ground connection ) when I want to turn it off.

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