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I have two L7 kickers 12inch subwoofer I think they're 1500watts nd 750rms......


Amplifier : Hifonics X2200.1D 2200W X-14 Series Class D Monoblock Amplifier

X-14 Series Class D Monoblock 1-Channel Amplifier

RMS Power Rating:

4 ohms: 950 watts x 1 chan.

2 ohms: 1600 watts x 1 chan.

1 ohms: 2200 watts x 1 chan.

Max power output: 2200 watts x 1 chan.

Illuminated Hifonics badge


I was wondering if my speakers would handle 2ohms


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What's the voice coil configuration?

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ID CXS64 comps

Diamond Audio D5 600.2

IDQv4 10 x2 sealed

JBL GTR-1001

Knu, Tsunami, Stinger, RF wiring etc

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like he say what ohm are subs but if u are asking if they'll handle that amp, yeah.. always set gain correctly though i'm sure peeps have ran much, much more power to those subs than maybe 800 watts each..

KENWOOD X301 HU, PRECISION POWER Phantom 1000, FU 750 12, 2.1cfad ported, soundqubed 6.5" coax/doors, hp & lp xover on hu, AGM starting batt...

Boomin_tahoe said:
2 ohms rule

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that hifonics is only 1000 watts or so at 2 ohms. You'll most likely blow them because you wont be satisfied with how loud they get and start distorting the signal. Beef up your electrical and wire to 1 ohm. That amp is beyond overrated.

09 Sienna Subs : Four Team Ascendant 18s......Sub amp: Two Taramps 15k

Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS......Mids/Highs two pioneer gm 8604 bridged, one at 4 ohms bridged one at 2 ohms bridged, one ppi 600.2 for tweets.

Front stage: Two PWX 10s per door midbass only....... PRV 6MR500 midrange....... Massive CT 2 german tweeters.

320 amp Singer alt....... 1 group 34 under the hood 6 group31 agms in the back 560 amp hours total.

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