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2002 monte Carlo ss radio help

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Hey guys I have a 2002 monte Carlo ss and trying to install my pioneer avic-5200nex double din radio. Well my problem is the previous owner when they took the radio they had in it they cut the factory plugs. There looks like there was two plugs. There is the radio wires b then there is a plug that looks like it was only 2 wire plug. I would like to know if you know what wires are which. Like speed sensor, revwear wires .

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OMG...irritates a few of us when someone goes and cuts off those factory plug-ins. Makes it that more difficult to find out which wire is what and goes to where. Little do they know that there's Metra kits that offer plug-in harnesses avail to buy which simply plugs into the factory module.


At this point, you might be better off searching for the correct wirings from google or youtube of same make/model of car.

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