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6" Precision Ports...

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For Sale: BNIB 6" precision ports


Quantity Available: 4


I made a mistake when placing an order from parts-express and didn't check the contents of my cart before checking out so I ended up with (4) 6" precision ports that I do not need. This are all brand new in the box, never used, never opened.


Information: Precision Port 6" Flared Port Tube Kit 268-354


Price: $45 shipped each.









I'm not going to budge on the price unless someone buys more than one. They are about $55 shipped from PE....$37.96 plus $18 shipping each.






This is shipping to WV, one state away from PE.


Let me know if you are interested, I need to get rid of these.

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I would like one but it is cheaper to buy it form the link you posted...


The shipping on these ****. I live one state over and it is $17/per


not after shipping...


Shipping is a killer.


omegabunny is a standup guy. shipped mine the next morning!



Thank you I try to ship everything as soon as I can and keep my promises :)


Definately a good deal on these from a honest person - GLWS


Thank you. Sorry would couldn't work something out but I think you will be happy with what you have. No sense spending more money for the same results!

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