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Freq range and crossovers.

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I have a set of Image Dynamics XS65's run off a JL 300/4 and a Audiocontrol DQL-8.

The freq range on the comps is 80 - 22000.


Does the "freq range" specify that the included crossover will not allow freqs lower than 80hz pass. Or does it mean that 80hz is the lowest freq that should be sent to the spkr?

2013 Hyundai Genesis Sedan 5.0 (Black Noir Pearl)

Factory Lexicon 7.1 Sound system

JBL-MS-A5001 Mono amp

Image Dynamics IDQ 12D4 V.3

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No. The x-over only controls the blending between the mid and tweeter. It doesn't do anything on the bottom end of the woofer. 80Hz is probably the -3dB roll off point of the natural frequency response of the woofer.

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Rear Speakers: N/A

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Subwoofer: Out of car, possibly subless with the 3-way, maybe DIYMA ported going back in

Phoenix Gold Xenon X600.1 600-800w x 1 amp...out of car...waiting

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