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I have ordered a Zapco 500M amp and 2 10" MB Quart PWE 254 subs. The amp is rated at 500w RMS @ 2 Ohm and 800w MAX @ 2 Ohm. The subs are rated at 400w RMS and are DVC 4 Ohm. I had intended on wiring these to 2 Ohm, but because I am kinda new to this stuff I didn't realize that you can't. Would this amp still provide enough power for these subs at 4 Ohms? I looked for specs for this amp at 4 Ohms but could only find for 2 Ohms. If not, would it be better for me to sell this amp and buy a different one, or would it be a good idea to buy another one of these and run one sub on one amp. I was afraid that this might be too much power then. If I should buy a different amp: I would like to sell this one if anyone is interested; and which amp should I buy. I think I would like to stay with Zapco but Im not sure which model would work best.


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I would say try it...worst case sell the zapco and get a moer powerful amp. My old zapco 200 was the cleanest amp I have ever owned. you will still probably get around 350-400 watts at 4ohms. What does your birth sheet rate your 500m at?


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Well, at four ohm, that amp will provide enough power to move the subs, but it won't take full advantage of the subs. That being said, Zapco is a truly premium brand and you're lucky to have that amp, I just wonder whether it might not be better suited elsewhere.

I take it that amp is a class a/b? If it is, you might want to consider using it to run your front soundstage. It would be a beast for that.

Not to say that it couldn't run the subs. Give it a shot and see how you like it. Zaps are truly amazing amps. I don't think I could part with one if I ever had the chance to buy one.

So I take it the problem is that in parallel, those subs produce a 1 ohm load, and the amp isn't built for it? Perhaps you should consider something like a Directed 600D?

Good luck


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500m is a single channel and not 1 ohm stable, I have one hooked up to 2 kicker comp 15s and it works really well. They handle 250 each and I was pushing them really hard. The 500m is 2 ohm stable , I also tryed it on 2 kicker comp cvr 12s and that sounded great to. I switched to my older earthquake pa 2300 amp 600watts and it was a lot more power than the zapco. The bigger earthquake was the winner with the cvr 12s . The 500M will push the 10s no problem, 2 of the zapcos may be 2 much for the 10s . If you want to sell the zapco let me know.

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