WOLFRAM W-4500.1 reviews comments thoughts?


CarAudio.com Newbie
Aug 19, 2019
central valley ca
putting in 2 new Sundown Audio U12s wired to 1 ohm, claim underrated at 1500rms each, so looking to get the most out of it, ported box tuned to 33hz, and looking at dyno testing of amps,a nd came across the wolfram 4500, and it looks amazing. Any thoughts on this or better choice for these subs? best price ive found for the wolfram is $599-699, so anything at or under that price comparable...

wew lad

wew lad inc
Mar 22, 2015
It's a clone board from korea, can't really go wrong with it. A taramps bass 3k, md3k or md5k would be a better choice for the money

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