which subwoofer would should i use for my project?


CarAudio.com Newbie
Jun 16, 2019
hi guys, i am in need of some advice on which speaker to get for my project.i have been researching and i do look at the specs for each speaker but im still not sure since the specs alone might be always the best way to determine if its the best for my application. going by the specs the information seems like it doesnt follow as i found some specs are different from what i was reading. anyways i dont want to go into what i found as it might even be wrong in the first place.the car its going into is:2015 audi s3 sedan.location:rear parcel/ deck subwoofer hole. it will replace the stock speaker. of course custom spacer/bracket will be made and fit perfectly there. *ignore all the other things for now like installation tools, type of music, installation technique, spacers, amp power (just assume ill be powering it with enough power no matter the rms of the sub), and such. im only looking to find advice on which speaker would work best for the location. there will be no box affiliated with this. so it is a free air install.stock hole:the hole is on odd shape which is not a real circle or a square. its like a half egg shape with a flatter bottom. but the stock size is an 8inch sub. goal:install in the same location.do NOT want a box.need to still use the trunk. so space is also premium as the car literally has a very small trunk.subwoofer=install something larger than the 8inch like a 10inch shallow sub. the 10inch seems like it should work just fine. i doubt a 12 inch will work as i dont want to cut the hole larger.must be a shallow sub as it wont protrude too much into the trunk area.looking for SQ sound quality. not a system that will bang the car next to you but more low frequency and also when i turn it up it wont distort too soon. i usually dont turn up my music that much or that loud but i would like to have that extra room to do so if a good song i like is playing. these are the selected shallow subs i like as it fits the hole, fits the criteria i have, and its within budget.if you advise me of sub please explain why you think that would be best?shallow 10inch subs i like. which one of these would be best for my project and why?:alpineswr-t10kenwoodxr-w10f jl audio10t3-d4rockford fostgatet1s1-10 t1s2-10pioneerts-sw2502s4 ts-z10ls4 ts-z10ls2