Where to find a list of IASCA or USAC installers in the NYC tri sate area ?


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Jan 12, 2014
New York City
Greetings all ! I am looking for some help and wanted to hire a IASCA or USAC trained installer... I cant really find a list. Thanks!!!!



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Aug 8, 2013
East Coast
What do you need done?


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IASCA and USACi are competition Org's, not installers. And neither Org operates in this area anymore



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Feb 3, 2003
USACi may not, but IASCA does have a presence in this area. In fact, we had a show not long ago. There are several in the NY/PA/MD area every year.

If you want a very good installer, seek out Howard of Hinnant Design in MD. If you want someone more local, get in touch with Steve at Syracuse Customs.


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