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Hello, I just recently installed a Pioneer Champion Series Pro 12" 4 ohm DVC subwoofer in my car, it's being powered by a Alpine MRX-M110 X series 1100 watt amp @ 2 ohms.

I only have the gain at just under halfway, and the bass boost is at 0db, but when I turn up the volume I can smell a certain smell... almost smells like new sub, but i just want to make sure I'm not burning the voice coils.

Thank you for any input!

It's getting warm, but nothing excessive. I live in Arizona and it's 110 out right now so I can't really tell.. The sub is rated at 1000 watts RMS, and the gain on the 1100 watt amp is only half way... So i don't think I'm hurting the sub, I just don't like the smell!

The position of the gain knob means little in that regaurd. Its meant to match the output of your source unit its not a volume knob. How to tell if its clipping.. well the real asnwer to that would be to observe the waveform on an oscilliscope. But if you can get your hands on a decent digital multimeter you can do a much better jib of setting your amp

I'm sorry I'm going to sound like a complete noob. But I dont think my car has a voltage meter (or whatever it's called) in it.. and I'm not sure what the pre-out voltage is, can i find it on the box? Or online?

You can buy a multimeter at your local hardware store for about $25-$30. Unhook your sub from your amp. Set your headunit volume to 3/4 of max volume. Set your EQ to flat and turn your loudness settings off and bass boost off. Download a 40hz or 50hz tone and play it through a CD. Put the positive end of multimeter to positive out on the amp, and negative to negative. Adjust the gain until the crossover reads the suggested voltage for your ohm load.

Okay, I'm looking into DMM's right now. Thank you for all of your help, I'm just going to turn down the gain and everything until I get a DMM and get it tuned right.


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Yeah it's running at 2 ohms. So I'm going to invest in a DMM and use that chart you posted! Thank you very much everyone

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nice! yeah i don't know if that would be enough or not for the bigger setups... people here say it's enough for easily 10kw but i'll research...

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