1. g_cirillo

    Checked gain with an O-scope, sub is still smelling

    This one is frustrating. To start off, my setup is a pioneer 1200w amp with two comp c 12" subs in a ported box. my gain is set at 9.10v and my lpf at 80hz. I bought an o-scope because tuning gain by ear is next to impossible. Did everything you should, disconnected my subs, played a 40hz tone...
  2. M

    Kenwood subs and amp smell

    Just some info, I've got a kac-9105d amp and kfc-w3013ps, moved over from my old Jeep Cherokee to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The subs are new, replacing some 12 year old 12" Kenwood subs. The Uconnect didn't have a RCA/sub channel out, so I had to buy a Line Out Converter and splice into my...
  3. stevknd2

    Burning rubber smell???

    I just installed my 2 obsidian 15's about four days ago. Just tonight I was knocking them hard (with some decaf) and I smelled a burning rubber smell. The SECOND I smelled it I shut the head unit off and turned the gain on the EBC down. I went to the trunk and it smelled really strong. I put the...
  4. J

    What's that smell

    Hello, I just recently installed a Pioneer Champion Series Pro 12" 4 ohm DVC subwoofer in my car, it's being powered by a Alpine MRX-M110 X series 1100 watt amp @ 2 ohms. I only have the gain at just under halfway, and the bass boost is at 0db, but when I turn up the volume I can smell a...