Weird side effects after Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS install, need help

Excaliburlives Newbie
Aug 10, 2019
Hello, I just bought 2 identical Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS Head units. I installed 1 in my wife's car and the other in my 2008 Chevy Silverado. My wifes car is all set and is working great. When i installed it in my truck i came across 3 problems. The radio itself is working but ill explain my problems in order of importance to me.

1.) When i put the truck in reverse the camera comes on, when i put it in drive the screen goes black and never returns to the radio screen. i tried reversing the polarity option but no luck.

2.) After the install my sensors don't work and get an error message on my dash saying "Park Assist Off" I need this to be working.

3.) Beeptone (This problem is not really a big deal but more of a nuisance). Here's the weird part, my wifes unit has the option to turn it on or off and mine doesn't.
Her units firmware is 8.4 and mine was 8.3. I figured a simple update would fix it. The site only had the newest version which is 8.5 and after updating my unit to 8.5 the option is still missing. I don't think this problem will be fixed.

I used the SCOSCHE GM3000 Harness and believe the install is correct. I also installed the parking brake bypass switch (3 wires). I have a feeling it might be the harness, but i need advice before i go any further. I would hate to get another harness only to run into the same problem. I used ths harness because i didn't care about keeping Onstar or the wheel controls since this radio has a remote.

* I should mention my truck had the NAV Unit along with the BOSE system
Can someone help? Has anyone had the same problems and fix it? Thanks for any help i can get :=)

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