Upgrading Factory Audio System


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Feb 27, 2021
Hi All,

New to the forum. I joined specifically so I could get some advice from some Car Audio experts. Here goes:

I have 2021 Titan SV -- no Fender system but with Navigation. I want to upgrade the audio but it sees like Nissan has gone out of there way to make this difficult. I popped the doors off with no problem and tried to install set of Rockfrd Fosgate 6x9's in the front. Not only did they not fit because the mounting depth is wonky, I then discovered I need 2Ohm speakers and not 4Ohm.

I bought some Powerbass 6x9 speakers from Crutchfield that actually fit the door and are 2Ohm -- they sound terrible. The factory speakers sound better. I put the factory set back in and am now considering just leaving them and adding some subs. I guess my question is 2 fold:

1) Are there any speakers I can put in the door that will sound good on their own without an amp?
2) If I'm going to put in a sub, should I Just get a mono amp to power the subs, or should I get a 4 channel and run the door speakers and subs from the amp?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Aug 18, 2020
In terms of finding speakers
I would measure out your mounting depth because most brands will have it listed, but with the ohm rating, you should be able to run 4 ohms just fine off the factory headunit they just won't be quite as loud tho(general rule is that you shouldn't go below the recommended impedance but going up shouldn't mess anything up). Then just stick with better known brands once you find the mounting depth (pioneer, polk, focal, kenwood, JVC, JL, kicker...)
In terms of amplifiers
I have a car with a 4 channels and a mono and another car with one a mono subwoofer amp and it very much comes down to person preference. If you want you car to get really loud get both. If you want it too be mediocrely loud and still balanced I would get a mono sub amp only but I'd stay 350 watts and below assuming that since it's a truck it's gonna be slim subs anyways, and if you just like bass and don't car quite as much about mids and highs being equally loud, I'd go 500watts+ with most subs.
I'm definitely not an expert and the wattage numbers I gave you are extreme generalization and very much still depend on your sub/enclosure but it should get you around where you need to be


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Mar 27, 2019
You missed out on some brands in the amplifiers that are just as good as what you listed. Also check out CDT Audio they do a lot of 2 ohm stuff as well. Decent speakers and much better then junk powerbass. Quite a few people run the CDT's over at DIYMA and seem to really like them. I even thought about a 2 ohm set in the 6.5s for mine.

Also if you are going to use the stock headunit then if you want the best sound possible out of it then get a DSP to use you can use a LOC for the amplifier but a DSP will sound a lot better.

How many speakers total as well are you replacing not counting adding in some subwoofers? That will come into play as well when deciding an amplifier.


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