Tips or Hacks to deal with RATTLING without dynomat/tearing apart car

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I just had my system moved to a new car - and the person who did it already put dynomat around where he could. Overall it sounds fantastic, but I have been breaking in the car, and a rattle on the most obvious place (the back dash) is now starting.

I don't want to mess with the car itself anymore as everything is almost perfect.

Anyone have any tips or ideas to deal with this? I was thinking of getting one of those plush weighted GPS pads and stick it back there, hoping that it would absorb some of the rattling noise.

Anything along those lines that people have tried?


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Turn the volume down

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The guy who did the install for me said he had a similar car with similar problems. He used rubber wedges in between the back windshield and the back deck to help. I asked him if he could find more of what he used on his own car - so we will see if that is enough to help!

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Chasing rattles can be a full time job... depending on how much those rattles bother you, however, it can actually be more rewarding.

I've gone to some extremes in order to kill rattles - its much simpler when cosmetics are not important. However, if you dont want to screw/duct tape everything there are plenty of options.

Every rattle demands unique attention... sometimes a large gap may need to be filled (egg crate foam works well generally), conversely it can be a matter of stopping 2 panels from touching that are connected (weather stripping, speaker gasket material, or even silicone sealant may work)...

Duct tape is always an option, as is electrical tape... just depends on exactly what you need to do and how clean you want it to look.
If you need to silence the panel clips/need a tighter fit you can sometimes use duct/electrical tape on the clip/in its hole... depends on the clip type.

Things like window switches, vents, guage setc can be difficult to dampen without taking things apart - I like speaker sealing caulk (parts express) for this type of stuff... its generally quite useful.

Don't rule out screwing a panel down, either. This can be an excellent solution if you are up for it - ultimately saving big headaches.

And, really, if something bothers you that much, its worth putting in the work to get it *right*... if you can do a better job dampening by taking the time to take something apart, your future self will likely thank you for the effort.

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Just wanted to update - my installer had a similar issue with his Camry - he used rubber wedges to help nullify that back deck rattle.

He put a couple in for me along the windshield, but I also ended up putting BACK in the construction paper I used as a test on the rear brake light.

That took care of the rattles at low volume! Really makes for a much more pleasant peaceful listening experience.

I DO hear other things when its cranked (but barely, since it's cranked!)

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I have a rattle that occurs in temps below 40. Can’t locate, but think it’s in the headliner. I’m ready to fill the whole area with low-expansion Great Stuff foam….

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