Subwoofer no longer adds bass line/poor quality

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Jl 12w1v3-4 is a sub I used to run, then I gifted it to a friend and purchased a SA 12 Sundown on the cheap. Thing is, the Jl Audio sub would pick up the beat and rhythm of all songs and ADD a bass line to them while of course favoring the heavy bass notes, in a way it just added musical volum, but the sundown is silent unless drum beats or very specific notes are played, it otherwise just drones on or even makes port noise. Could it be getting the wrong signal or is a signal blocker ruining what should be an ok performing subwoofer? In between these, I ran a 8 inch Hippo xlr 8 inch sub woofer by Massive audio and it also performed reasonably well but the Sundown is disappointing.

The JL Audio and Massive would add bass to songs and bands that had very little natural bass to them, such as old Slayer and Pantera songs, while playing song with Bass guitars very well and of course hitting phonk or techno extremely well.. The Sundown....doesn't know what the hell to do, even after break in, it remains completely silent while occasionally hitting a drumbeat. Sometimes. The 3 subs were all installed by different places. The bass knob I used to use was uninstalled and will be reinstalled eventually. With both the JL audio and Massive I messed around with the head unit EQ and my phone eq and got where I needed to be but nothing helps the SA12. Any ideas on what may have went differently with the different installs?

The Massive 8 inch possibly benefitted from have a 5 channel audio control lc7 controlling output. The JL Audio did not.

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