Stereo King, Salem OR


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Jan 31, 2007
Salem, OR
Alright, these guys on the other hand have a nicer staff and know their stuff. They do installs but I have never really looked at one of theirs. they have some pictures up.

Store is clean, they dont have many extras such as a compression room or anything, but a nice store, easy to find. Wide selection, only thing is their prices, im pretty sure they just kinda make them up on the spot and gouge into their commission. So you can normally talk them down to what you want to pay if your on a budget. After I bought the sub + box from there, 250$ total, not bad from a shop.

Second time I went in there I needed a few (3) feet of some 8 gauge wire. No problem, snipped it and I asked how much and he said how about a dollar, fair deal. I take my wire and leave.

Few days later I come in there and talk to the same guy, I dont have the keys for my deck to take it out and I ask him if they sell deck keys just by themselfs, he handed me some ones that were on the counter and says oh those are kenwoods, hold on. Goes back into the shop area and comes back with a set of pioneer ones, sets him on the counter and was like here you go, I kinda stood there for a second and then I said do you want me to bring back in when im done? And he just said na its cool just keep them.

I just thought that was cool, going past the call of duty.

Their prices are good if you tell them your working with a budget.

Will be coming back to their store again next time I need something. Recommended.



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Feb 17, 2008
baton rouge
i went there a few times there was only one guy there that i like though blond spiked hair guy he has 2 old school 18" kickers that he wanted to sell but i didnt have the money at the time i did buy 2 10" Boston g5s for 280 a piece i didnt like the prices on the amps but who ever does the blond hair guy helped my cousin a few times getting his stuff together with out charging either so we gave him a 20$ tip and went back a few times


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