Soundstream ref1.1000 reveiw & mtx thunder elite 1501


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View attachment 26539936 View attachment 26539937 I recently bought a ss ref1.1000 on ebay for 300 buck. got the amp and was entirely too excited to hook it up. I Had an MTX thunder elite 1501d. on 3 10w7s in a slot ported box, 33hz 5 cu ft. I Hooked up the amp exptecting to hear thunderous lows of a subsonic amp. I was entirey dissapointed when the amp quickly ran on low rail mode and at most would half way push my 3 10s. was puchy and not deep at all. Totally heart broken b/c i saved up for this amp and exptected the guts to be accurate of power. the amp is totally over bilt and under powered. It sounds decent but clips when pushed to the extreme, sounds terrible clipping. when i was 14 i owned 3 JL 10w6s (v1s) and I was running them on a SoundStream reference 300sx in 1 ohm h/c mode. sounded deep and mean. this amp is much to punchy and i would like to run it but cant with it pushing more power at 80 hz than 40 hz. call me picky, but yeh. On the other hand if you Ever get your hand on an mtx thunder elite amp, you have something speacial. pushes 310w7s no prob and is deep low and loud. i have a kenetic batt and a 200 h/o alternator. and a 2.4f cap. no dimming issues with the mtx charging drag with the ref1.1000... sorry to dissapoint but yeh.

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