sound factory knoxville


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Oct 22, 2005
Got some tint done there last week. The owner was a nice guy but the quality of the work was/isnt too great. Paid $160 About ten minutes after dropping it off I got a call saying he didnt have enough 5% to do the rear side windows so he could do 5% rear and 15% on sides if I wanted. I went ahead and did that. The front driver side has a small thing that looks to be a wrinkle in it and the rear passenger side has some sort of blemish in the film (so it looks). It also seems to have air/water still around the little black dots after a week of 80/90 degree weather.

On the up side I did call and he told me to bring it in and everything would be taken care of....Also sure enough a tint guy came into work to do a car and when talking to him he told me this was one of the worst places I could have gone. Guess I didnt really know better since ive only been here for about a month.


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Apr 15, 2007
LaFollette, TN
I like Sound Factory, the people are pretty stand up, he will work with you on the prices, usually. And just seem overall to be a good place, never had tint done, but they install alarms pretty good



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Oct 9, 2008
First time had mother pathfinder done there they did crap job huge gap and bubbles so brought it back and they fix and now looks good. I over heard one guys say man that dam new tint guy he screwing up a lot cars // So I guess mane tint guy did second time cause look better now .


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