Sony xav-ax5000 swc 2013 Outback

ecoh419 Newbie
Apr 8, 2019
Hi All, I am trying to set up my steering wheel controls for my 2013 outback 2.5L touring with the Sony xav-ax5000. I had the matra aswc 1 installed with the head unit.Right now using the default steering wheel control settings the volume controls and mode buttons work but not the call answer, call end button or voice buttons. The head unit allows you to manually assign a steering wheel button to a function.Here is the problem, when manually assigning functions, I can set the call functions but not the volume controls. I can set volume up but not down or volume down but not up. It’s almost as if the head unit thinks the volume button is one button as once I assign one volume function it tells me the button is already assigned for the other.I know the deck understands that those buttons are separate when using the default control settings but not when manually assigning the settings.Any help would be much appreciated!

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